About Peter Lalos


What began as a hobby and love of baseball cards has turned into a full time business for Peter Lalos of Worcester, Massachusetts.


In 1989, he established Champs & Bums.  He worked in the sports card hobby on a part-time basis prior to then.  From day one, the company's primary focus was the purchase and sale of high-end baseball cards, focusing on vintage era cards. 


Throughout the 1990s, Peter maintained a full-time travel schedule, buying and selling baseball cards throughout the country.  He actively participated at most all the major card shows during this time.


By 1996, Peter's business had expanded to include all major sports and non-sports cards.  He was one of the first dealers to grade and offer non-sports cards for sale.  He began focusing much of his energy into the development of a sales catalog which eventually became the core of his business.  Eighty-eight catalogs were produced and Peter also held occasional phone auctions during this time.*


Champsandbums.com was established in 2000; followed by the Champsandbums on eBay in 2001.  To date, these sites have had over 30,000 transactions and an eBay feedback rating of over 17,000.


Once again, his interest in a subject spilled over into his career, and in 2011, Peter expanded his eBay offerings to include toy soldiers, with an emphasis on modern figures (those produced from 1972 to the present). 


His knowledge of sports, along with his honest and fair dealings have made Peter a respected dealer both with fellow card dealers and his customers. 


Peter is a graduate of Worcester State University, with a  Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  In his free time, he enjoys playing golf and traveling.




 * Peter is re-entering the auction market with a Winter 2013 Internet only auction of graded cards later this year.